Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!!

I have less time to write today so sorry this is short!!! Buuuuut, this week was really good. We have an investigator named Yair who is going to get baptized this week! WOOHOO! He is 11 years old and is the pioneer in his family. He was nervous that his dad wouldn't give us permission for his baptism BUT the spirit definitely helped us out and his dad signed the form! :) The plan is for him to get baptized this Friday. He is already talking about where he is going to serve his mission. :) I am so blessed to get to work with him!

Also, we had a great contact this week. One morning we went to talk with a woman at her work. Hermana Van Wagenen and I had given her a Book of Mormon a while back but hadn't been able to return to talk with her more. Sooo, Hermana Gimenez and I went to talk with her buuuut she was working and said we would have to come back another time. BUT there was a 18 year old girl there too. We started talking with her and eventually asked if we could share more of our message with her. She said YES and so we had a lesson with her. We gave her a Book of Mormon and have a return appointment. :) It really was just amazing to me how the Lord puts people in our path. We went to talk to someone else but ended up meeting an amazing girl named Loli! :)

Weeeeeeell, have to go! This was a great week and I am looking forward to an even better one! Love you all!!!!!! :D

Con amor,
Hermana Lindsey Woodfield

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