Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hermana Woodfield and Hermana Gimenez . . . . . Missionary Stalkers : D

Hello loved ones!!! I hope everyone had a great week! :) Hermana Gimenez and I had a good one with cool experiences! :)

Soooooo, one of those experiences definitely had to do with stalking. Hahaha, we definitely stalked someone so that we could talk with them. Here is what happened. With we were walking towards a lesson at a recent convert's house with a wonderful member named Cielo when a 14 year girl walked past us from behind. SHE WAS SMOKING. AT 14 YEARS OLD. I freaked out a little about this and Cielo plainly told me that many people start young and that she had started when she was 13 years old (she hasn't smoked now for about a year!). So this girl kept on walking but we felt like we needed to talk with her. We followed her for a ways to find out where she lived but she just kept on walking and walking and walking. Poor girl even looked back a few times at us...who knows what she was thinking. Haha, anyways we didn't want to contact her from behind because that is a little awkward so Cielo came up with a plan. We ended up speed walking past her with my map in hand ``looking for a street``. We then turned around and asked her for directions and then talked to her about the gospel. :) It was beautiful. hahaha

Another cool experience- yesterday we had about 10 minutes after a lesson before we had to be back in our home. We said a prayer for help to know where we should go contacting with our time to find someone who Heavenly Father had prepared. After the prayer Hermana Gimenez said she felt like we should go down a certain street- so off we went. A little ways down we saw a couple outside of their house and went to talk with them. It. was. amazing. :) A contact of gold! The man was sincerely interested in what we had to say! He was asking us questions and at one point even asked us if we were going to leave him anything to read. Hahahaha, we talked to him about the Book of Mormon and gave him one. And they said we could return this weekend. Wow- the power of prayer and the Holy Ghost. :)

Weeeeeeeeeeeell, love you all! Things are going great! Hermana Gimenez taught me how to make homemade hamburgers today. :) Have a great week!

Con amor,

Hermana Lindsey Woodfield

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