Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Monday, September 23, 2013

Week Five!

Service! Mormon Helping Hands shirt! I am smiling under the mask :)

The sister missionaries in my district

Playing in the rain on P-Day

Hello everyone!!! Wow! I have already been here for five weeks! I am almost done with my first transfer! WOW! This was a great week! We were able to do A LOT of service! We were doing some everyday!

Most of what we did was helping out at the shelter down in Milliken. The shelter was moved to the First Presbyterian Church nearby so that the Middle School could start school again. We sure sorted through a lot of donations! I also got to use some more Spanish! Some of the volunteers who are always at the shelter have come to me multiple times for help with the language barrier. I definitely have a long way to go with Spanish but the Lord is helping me! Saturday was a huge service day. From about 8am-3pm we were with a bunch of other members cleaning up some houses and then from 4pm-8pm we were at the shelter sorting.

The cleanup service was amazing! Everyone had on bright yellow "Mormon Helping Hands" shirts. We were a little army of happy servants of God helping out His children! I have heard many comments such as "The LDS church has been here from the beginning helping out" or "The LDS church has saved Milliken!". The Lord is definitely hastening the work and providing great opportunities for people to learn more. It has truly been amazing to be a part of!

Sister Christensen breaking a chair with an axe during cleanup efforts!!

Lots of toys to sort through!!

This Friday we were finally able to meet with Blanca again! This is the Spanish woman who we tracted into a few weeks ago. The past two weeks she has called and cancelled (at least she remembered and called!). This week Sister Christensen and I were very excited to not receive one of those phone calls! We made it to her house and had a lesson! YAY! :) And HELLO Spanish! Haha, even if she didn't understand everything I was trying to say in Spanish, the Spirit was there! We basically just went over the Book of Mormon again and recommitted her to read and pray about it. We are seeing her again this week. :)

We were also able to have a lesson that day with a part member family we have been seeing. The mom is an active member and the dad is very supportive of her. We are really trying to help him realize why he needs the gospel for himself and what blessings will come from it. It was a good lesson on the Holy Ghost and the mom told us later she definitely felt the Spirit and she thinks progress was made. Yay! We then helped them paint their garage. :) Lesson and service! Woohoo! It was great! I just love people! I want everyone to experience the joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Yesterday we did exchanges with some Spanish speaking sisters again! This happened so that I could have the opportunity to go to the Spanish branch for church. It was great! I didn't catch everything but it was a great experience! :) Then Hermana Soto and I had a lesson with a woman named Lucy and her kids. Another great experience with Gospel and Spanish! I am so grateful for these wonderful opportunities the Lord is giving me. :)

Sooooo, this week was great. Missions are hard but awesome. I am learning a lot!

I love you all MUCHO! Thanks for all of the love and support! I am praying for you all! The Lord lives and He loves you! I am so grateful for the Atonement! We can repent and be forgiven and change! WHAT AN AMAZING GIFT! :D

Have a great week!


Hermana Lindsey Woodfield

Sorting toys at the shelter

With the Harris family and their pet bird!

Sister Christensen and me with the Carlson Ward Sisters

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