Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Monday, October 27, 2014


Oh my dear family and friends!!!!! I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU ALL! This week was absolutely amazing! I am being completely serious when I say that it was one of the best weeks of my life. There were soooooo many moments were I just felt overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. Soooooo, want to know why??? :)

The biggest reason is an amazing family, Jose, Melina, and their daughters Amy, and Ema. Get ready, I have a lot to write. :) Okay, it all started with the older brother of Jose- Leo. He and his great family were less active when I got here but are active now and doing GREAT. They are such wonderful people and I have gotten really close with them. They have been wanting to have a new start in another house so this past Wednesday they moved to a different part of Santa Fe (reassuring me that they will be going to the ward over there and that they have plans to go to the temple before the end of the year). Anyways, Tuesday night they sent us a message letting us know that his brother (Jose) and his family would be moving into their house. And get this, they also said that his girlfriend Melina wants to get baptized. Okay. Sweet! :)

Wednesday morning we went over to meet them and see what we could do to help them with their move in. We got to the house and immediately met some of the best people I have ever known. Jose is 21 years old and was baptized when he was 12 but stopped going soon after. Melina (his girlfriend) is 19 years old. They have two SUPER CUTE girls- Amy (3 years old) and Ema (1 year and 8 months old). We walked in to see a completely empty two-roomed house with falling apart walls. They don't have much but are super happy to have their own house. We had a great visit with them. Melina told us that about 3 years ago she met some elders who taught her a few things. She listened to them but didn't keep going with it. However, in between that time and now she has talked a lot with Jose's mom (who is a member) about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the church. SHE READ THE ENTIRE BOOK OF MORMON. And the gospel principles book. And a bit of Teachings of the Prophets. She said that where she was living before there isn't a church or missionaries and she has been waiting to be able to learn more and go to church.

We were not even in the house for TWO minutes when she bursted out, ´´I have just been waiting for someone to offer me baptism!!´´ We were speechless. I just stared at her with the hugest smile I think I have ever had in my life. Haha, I couldn't believe what was happening! They also informed us that Jose wants to receive the priesthood and they have the goal to go to the temple and be sealed in a year. Music to my ears. :) After we finished the visit they walked with us a little ways and stopped to buy us juice. Then Jose shook my hand quickly leaving a wad of money in it and told us to take a taxi to our next visit. Before I could even comprehend what he did they walked away quickly. Our mouths were gaping open!! Here was this very young family without a lot of possessions giving us juice and money???? In the words of Hermana Randall, ´´Okay, here is a baptism, temple marriage, and a beautiful family that gives you juice and money!´´It seriously was such a direct and huge blessing from God. I just feel so privileged to be here and know them and help out in whatever way that I can.

Melina wants to get baptized as soon as possible buuuuuuut they aren't married. We explained that they have to be married first and without hesitating they agreed and said they would make the preparations and do it in November. With the government here it takes about a month before you can be married soooo right now the plans are to have the marriage and baptism at the end of November. :D

They just make us so happy!! On Sunday morning we wanted to stop by their house to make sure that they had gotten up and were getting ready for church. Our church service starts at 9:30 so we thought that if we passed by at 8:45 there would still be time to help them get ready and everything. We knocked on the door and only waited for 30 seconds before a man across the street shouted out to us. He told us that they had left walking 20 minutes ago!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whaaaat?? So we headed out hoping to catch them on the way...nope. To our surprise and delight they were in the church when we arrived patiently waiting for it all to start.

Can you say MIRACLE?? BLESSING?? The day that we met them I felt a wonderful peaceful and joyous feeling...and writing about it just makes me want to cry. Haha, I just felt that meeting them has been something that I have been waiting for and that God has blessed me immensely. The pure goodness and humility of this couple is incredible....Jose doesn't have any church shoes and Melina hasn't ever owned a skirt. We were able to help her out with the skirt but haven't been able to help Jose with shoes yet. He didn't like going without them but he went anyways.

Okay, I could go on for hours about them. I love them so much!! Pero. bueno. Basically we saw a lot of miracles and blessings with them and with other people. I don't have a lot of time to share the other things but I will try next week! Just know that Santa Fe is being extremely blessed right now and I am SO grateful to my Father in Heaven to be here to see it! :)

Let us all press on in the work of the Lord!!! Have a great week! Thanks to those who read this veryyy long email. :)

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Woodfield (or ´´Woofy¨ as Amy and Ema say) :)

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