Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week of Miracles Round 2 :)

These past two weeks have been incredible! :) We have been immensely blessed and I am so grateful! We have found a lot of new investigators who are prepared to accept the gospel. On Thursday we were walking away from our lunch appointment and two men (Daniel and Ricardo) called out to us. One of them wanted to know where we are from. We ended up talking to them for a bit and the wife (Fabiana) of one of them came out to talk to us too. It turns out they have talked with some Elders before and would like to visit with us. :) We went back on Saturday afternoon and were able to have a great lesson with all three of them and the oldest daughter (Leonela) of the couple as well. They shared with us that they have all lost their jobs recently and are going through a hard time. They want to learn more about the gospel as well as some English. :) To our great delight Daniel, Ricardo and Leonela showed up at church the next day!!! :) We are very excited to keep visiting them. I just love how Heavenly Father ALWAYS puts us where He needs us.

The amazing family that I talked about last week are still doing awesome!!! They officially made the plans with the government to be married the 27th of November! :) Melina has started doing a countdown for it. They are reading their scriptures and praying and doing wonderfully. They definitely make us happy! :)

One of the funny things this week was that a cute 6 year old boy asked us for our number. Hermana Randall and I were cracking up! He is this cute little man who was playing soccer in the street with some friends. They stopped to talk with us and we ended up giving them some church cards and pamphlets and stuff. The next time we came by he ran up to us and asked for our number. I asked him ´´what for??´´ He just looked at me and said ´´so that I can talk to you!´´ It was pretty funny...but anyways, a blessing from all of that is that we ended up having a lesson with the grandma of one of the boy´s friends. God works in mysterious ways. :)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we had been served fish heads and cow intestines....this week´s experience beats it all. Mondongo- COW STOMACH. Yep...the lining of a cow´s stomach. I have no way to recommend this dish. BUT I am just grateful we get offered food. :)

Well loved ones, I love being a missionary!!! This is such a wonderful and amazing experience and words cannot express my gratitude to have such a privilege. I have changed for the better. My eyes have been opened and my heart touched in ways I didn't know could happen. I still have a long way to go but I know that my Lord is helping me and showing me how to be a better missionary and person. I love Him! I love His gospel! :)

Tengan una semana maravillosa! Les quiero!

Hermana Lindsey Woodfield

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