Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

One Transfer More!!!

Remember this face??? My companion from the MTC! :) We were reunited for a day! Hermana Rasband :)

Hermana Fry and I had a family home evening with an Argentine asado (BBQ) :) sooo good!

One of the cutest girls!!! :) Reminds me of my great little sis :)

My district from the last transfer :)

They love their soccer!!!

This week is transfer week but all is well!!! Both Hermana Fry and I are staying in the great Santa Fe, Rural area. :) I am excited and grateful to be able to work more in the Lord's vineyard here. About 4 weeks ago our ward boundaries were changed and we are seeing a lot of blessings from the help from the added members. We are excited to keep helping it progress. :)

So our wonderful 14 year old investigator Leilen is working towards her baptism!! She has gone to church twice now and has friendships with the young women. :) The new difficulty we have though is that she is doing double schooling right now and can only meet with on the weekends. But we are working with that and she is progressing. ALSO, huge blessing! We were able to talk with her real quick on Friday and she said that she told her mom that she wants to get baptized and her mom said it is okay!!!!!!!!!! :) We still need to get the permision in writing but this was a huge step made. Leilen had the courage and the determination to tell her mom about her desires and Heavenly Father helped her mom to be okay with it. Like I said, we still need her signature but we are getting there. :) Big blessing!

I also want to share about one of the hugest examples I have seen of a member missionary. His name is Hermano Davalo. He seriously is such a great example for me! He always does family home evenings and invites the whole WORLD to go!! Haha, but really...yesterday there were about 22 people in his home. Some members and some friends. He does that quite often. I also always seeing him bearing some kind of testimony to his friends about the power of the Book of Mormon or the counsel from the prophets or how we should be prepared for judgment day. I just love how he is so open and willing to share his beliefs with everyone and introduce the missionaries to his friends. He just tells them straight out that this gospel has blessed his life and that he knows it will bless theirs too. :)

You know...this is the truth isn't it?? That God lives. That He sent His Son Jesus Christ to provide the way for us to return. That through His teachings we can not only find forgiveness and freedom from our mistakes but also joy and peace from knowing our purpose. If it is true, and I testify with my whole soul that it is, then we should be shouting it from the rooftops!! These people who surround us are our brothers and sisters and NEED what we have. We don't have to be weird about sharing the happiness. We can simply invite others to a family home evening or activity. We can share a favorite scripture. This great member Hermano Davalo is another great example that I have found of how to shine your light at all times and in all places. I invite all of you to do the same. :)

Well dear friends and family, I love you all and am grateful for the support. Have an awesome week!!!! :)

Con amor,

Hermana Woodfield

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