Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Great Week!!

We had a great week! There are two great experiences I want to share. :)

First of all, a great 14 year old investigator went to church yesterday!!!!! And after a lot of explaining about baptism and the necessary authority to do it, she accepted a baptism date! We are also going to try hard to teach her parents too. The whole family needs to become members! :)

But something I absolutely loved about yesterday was how quickly and lovingly the young women of our ward reached out and welcomed her. We arrived at young women's kind of late but immediately they all smiled and welcomed her. By the end of the class they were telling her to come to activities, asking for her phone number and facebook and then whisking her off to the next class. She didn't even look at us as she walked off with the other girls to the Sunday School class. It was great! Seriously, it made me so happy to see the love these wonderful girls so freely shared to this stranger. It definitely strengthened my own resolve to ALWAYS be a friend and helper to the new people or the ones who are trying to come back. It is sooooo much easier and effective when there are friends to help along the way. :)

Bueno, other experience. Saturday morning one of our plans fell threw and we were on our way to our plan B when Hermana Fry said that maybe we should go visit a less active man that lived relatively close. We first tried our original plan b but they weren't there and so off we went to this less active member. When we got there he opened the door chuckling a little bit. We asked him if his wife was there (so that we could go in and visit him). She wasn't there but it just so happened that his mom was there on a visit! We went in and his mom (an active member that is living in another area) told us that she just knew we would be coming to visit that morning.

We talked for quite some time. This man is having a LOT of problems with his marriage and it is really sad. They were sealed in the temple but especially these past few months have been fighting and having a lot of difficulties and are at a breaking point. We were able to share a talk with him that we had printed out to share with someone else...but now we know that God had planned all along for us to share it with him. We were all crying during the lesson and the spirit and feeling of love that God has for this man and his family was really strong. He said he was looking for direction and we promised him that if he went to church that Sunday he would receive his answer. We prayed hard afterwards that he would go. And to our complete delight, in the church we saw him AND his wife and daughter!!!!!! He came up to us afterwards and shared that he was very grateful for what we did and that he feels a lot better. He said that it wasn't coincidence that we just showed up when his mom was there too and that we just happened to have that talk printed out...he said that all of that was his answer. He then asked us if we wanted to return this week to have lunch with his family. :) It was so great! I am very grateful that Heavenly Father uses us as instruments to help his children feel of His love and that He NEVER forgets them. :)

Well, love you all! I know that God lives and that He is our Father! I know that missionary work is sooooo important! We need to help everyone learn of who they really are and that Jesus Christ lived and died for us so that we can live again with God and our families.

Con amor,

Hermana Lindsey Woodfield

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