Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Monday, June 9, 2014

A New Area!!

Well everyone, NEW AREA. My first change here in Argentina has happened. Wow. There were definitely a lot of strong emotions going on within when I left Bermúdez. I am SO GRATEFUL for my time there. So grateful. :) I had some wonderful moments before I left. The night before I left a GREAT family, la familia Rodriguez, in the ward had a, and I quote, ´´fiesta de pizza´´ for me. :) YES. Pizza party. They know me well. haha, they seriously made about 7 pizzas! It was incredible. And they gave me a surprise- they made me a cake and sang happy birthday to me! They knew that my birthday is coming up and I wouldn't be staying to celebrate it so they celebrated early. And my sweet companion had a surprise stuffed animal gift for me. I felt so loved and it definitely touched my heart! And in the morning we went to give a last goodbye hug to Belkis and her family and Belkis had prepared the cutest breakfast for us. She had set out nice porcelain plates and glasses and everything. These people are incredible!!! :) Okay, basically I love Bermúdez. Haha, okay, I will stop talking about it.

MY NEW AREA. Santa Fe, Rural. Wow. CITY CITY CITY. It just doesn´t get more city then this. Haha, what a change! I recently walked into a supermarket and was in awe of how big it was. It still is only a tiny part of a U.S. Walmart or something but STILL. In comparison of the tiny Chinese stores we had in Bermú Haha, but really, I am in the city. THERE IS A SUBWAY. I repeat, THERE IS A SUBWAY. Definitely freaked out. Subway and McDonalds. Haha, I think we live in downtown Santa Fe! But I really love it! I seriously already love the people here SO VERY MUCH. They are wonderful! We are in a ward here but there are few active member families. We are going to work hard to change that!

We have already seen so many miracles in just a few days. Wednesday we left to go contacting and a man contacted us! He knows quite a bit of English and was trying to talk with us about that. We got talking about the Book of Mormon and everything and took down his direction and number to visit him. We also invited him to an English class we would be having on Friday. HE WENT TO THE ENGLISH CLASS. He was the first one to show up to the church! It was great!!! And after the class he stayed and we had a great LESSON with him and the other elders in the church. He is now a new investigator. :) other miracle- we found a FAMILY. Our mission right now has a plan called ´´Plan Cosecha´´. Everyday from 5:30-6:30 we have to contact a street that we prayed about earlier. It works!! The LAST house that we knocked on Saturday a woman answered the door and after a few minutes of talking told us that we had about 5 minutes to come in and share a message. Yes! We were in the door! :) We thought that maybe only she would be listening but her husband and her two oldest kids (they have 5!) came and sat down and listened too! :) We shared the lesson about the Restoration with Joseph Smith and everything and it went really well. We ended up going over 5 minutes...but it was okay, they were good with it. :) One of the boys gave the closing prayer and they said they would start to read the Book of Mormon. :) WOW. BLESSING.

Good stuff! Also, my new companion is Hermana Evans. She is from Missouri and she is awesome! I love being with her! :)

Well, there is a LOT of work here to do in Santa Fe but I love it and am very grateful to be here. I know that God has a purpose and plan for each of us and if we trust in Him everything will be good! He loves us and knows what is best for each of us. :)

Con amor,

Hermana Lindsey Woodfield

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