Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Monday, November 11, 2013

The fun continues in Argentina!

Wow! I have been in Argentina for almost two weeks now! I am figuring out the culture and language more and more every day. It still amazes me that I am in a foreign country! Haha, when did that happen? I'm trying to get used to the fact that the weather is getting hotter now and not colder. It is kinda nice to skip a cold winter this year though. :)

Things are going great here in the ward of Capitán Bermudez. I love the members! Our ward is actually pretty big but only about 48 members attend regularly. We have a lot of less actives who we are trying to visit. Many people share stories of trials and hardships and we try our best to help them see that attending church would help so much! We also have quite a few investigators but not many are progressing. We are trying to find new investigators and we did find two more this week! :) We also have two investigators who are very active in coming to church and want to be baptized but have to wait for legal reasons (divorce papers, marriage. etc.). Then there is a 13 year old who also wants to be baptized but has told us her dad doesn't like the church. Basically there are a lot of great things happening but a lot of work to do too. I am grateful to be here and get to work!

Being among these people has already taught me so much. I can feel of God's love for them so strongly! I know they are precious in his eyes. Also, many of them don't have very much. We were at a very humble home last night. This family lives in an area that is more like a campground. It truly humbles me to be able to serve in some parts that don't have many material things but do have strong hearts and testimonies. Material things are not important! Testimonies and relationships are. :)

Soooo, Spanish. My goodness, Spanish!!!! I want to understand and speak with these great people so much! Hahaha, I am learning a lot with patience and trusting in the Lord's timing. I am grateful for the improvement that has already been made. I am understanding more!!! WOOHOO! I pray that these people can feel of my love even if they can't understand my words. haha

This week we had a big missionary activity with an area near ours. We joined forces with missionaries and members to visit some less active ward members. AND they split up some missionaries to go with members. I was one of them. Man, my heart started to race when I realized I would be without my companion and with others who only spoke Spanish. However, the Lord helped me. I mustered up my courage and told myself that if the Lord parted the Red Sea through Moses He can definitely help me communicate with people. So off I went with the cutest Argentine lady to visit people. AND IT WAS AWESOME. This lady I was with is a fireball! Hahaha, everyone we would pass she would go right up to them (she is friends with everyone!) say hello and then put her hand on my back and just look at me. WELL, I would introduce myself talk and testify about the gospel and the church, and give them a card about One man we talked with for a while we gave a Book of Mormon! hahaha, it was so great! The Lord definitely made up for my lack of Spanish and taught me a lesson of courage through that sweet lady. :) haha, I am never going to forget her and her passion for sharing the gospel.

Things are going great in Argentina! I love you all and pray for you! :)

Con amor,

Hermana Lindsey Woodfield

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