Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Monday, September 29, 2014

Dead Frogs and Working with Less Actives :)

Hola todos!!! :) Hermana Fry and I had an awesome week!!! We were able to teach a lot and on Sunday we saw a looooot of blessings with a lot of less active members who went! :)

These past two weeks we have been teaching a part member family. The dad is a less active member and the mom is investigating. She just had their second daughter about 3 weeks ago so she still hasn't been feeling very well to leave her house and go to church but she will soon! But her husband did go!!!! There were also a lot of others there. :)

I had a really cool experience in one of our lessons with a less active member. She was baptized about 14 years ago but hasn't gone to church in a long time. We were talking about the blessings of the gospel in our families and she shared how she hasn´t had good experiences or relationships with her family. We promised her that she could change that for her future husband and kids. I felt the spirit so strongly as I testified to her that the gospel is what has saved my family. I know with all of my heart that it is the wonderful protective power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I opened my mouth and learned as well as the spirit gave me the words. I heard myself explain that my mom learned every week in Relief Society how to be a better mother and spouse, that my dad learned every week how to honor his priesthood so that he could be worthy to baptize his kids, that us as children heard every week and sang songs about how to be more patient and obedient, that everytime we read The Book of Mormon together we could see the good and bad examples of families and follow the good things, etc. I know that it was the spirit teaching and it helped me to realized even more the HUGE importance of the gospel and going to church every week.

Soooooooo, also had a gross experience on Thursday. We were visiting a great woman who is trying to get fully active and go to the temple. She has the cutest boys- Jeremias (3 years old) and Octavio (9 months old). Jeremias always screams, ´´´HERMAAAANAAAAS!!!´´ and runs toward us to give us high-fives when we come. At one point during this visit Jeremias rushed us outside to show us his frog. To my horrid suprise he bent down at the nasty small river of sewage and other green smelly things that is in front of all of the houses in this part of town and STUCK HIS HAND DEEP DOWN IN IT. HE PULLED OUT A DEAD FROG!! (Not that suprised that it is could anything live after being in that???) Jeremias just shot us a big three year grin of pride and joy. It was nasty but we just had to laugh!

Anyways, I know that the Lord is hurrying His work! I know that there are a lot of people prepared to change their lives and accept that gospel. I am so grateful for my Savior. I know that He lives and is with us every moment.

Con amor,

Hermana Lindsey Woodfield :)

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