Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Monday, September 22, 2014

La Conferencia de Estaca!!!!!!!!

sooooooo, we have some pretty cool argentina pants :)

Most of my MTC district was reunited!!!!! Look how we have grown!! :)

During the open house part of stake conference :)


Sooooooo, this week I experienced one of the best stake conferences ever! Seriously, I am so proud of these wonderful members and leaders here in Santa Fe! They are really trying to make a push in the missionary work and share the wonderful gospel truths with others.

The conference started on Thursday night with an absolutely amazing and super spiritual ´´musical show´´. There was a choir that sang incredibly well!! It was about the Plan of Salvation and touched on the Restoration of the Gospel as well. There were a lot of awesome songs, narration in between, and a slideshow and videos going on a screen behind them. The spirit was so strong! We were also really happy because a less active member that we found and started visting the past week went with us. :)

Then on Friday we had a ´´Capilla Abierta´´ (Open church) in our stake center. The church was open for 12 hours (10am-10pm) giving tours and showing people what happens inside. It was really awesome! The Young women, Relief Society,Primary and Family History center had all of their rooms set up with displays and music and members to explain what happens. In the cultural hall there was a big half circle of pictures and missionaries would guide the people looking at them and quickly teaching the lessons- The Restoration, Plan of Salvaction, Book of Mormon, Baptism of Christ, Temples, etc. There was also a table set up with a bunch of phamplets, cards, Books of Mormon, Family History booklets, etc. And in the hallway a member had prepared treats for everyone. :) Around 7pm a filming crew came and interviewed the Stake President. Supposedly it will be showing on TV for a week. Also he did an interview on the radio in the morning. Another woman who is into the newspaper put it in ads. IT WAS INTENSE. :)

Our whole missionary zone was there to help out. There were a lot of missionaries on the nearby streets to talk to the people and invite them to go in. There were some at the door with a big banner saying ´´capilla abierta´´ and other things. They were there to greet and write down names and directions. There were some who would guide the people through and others who would teach in the cultural hall. And finally, some elders were in the room with the baptismal font all dressed in white and explaing why and how we do baptisms.

This was the first time the Santa Fe stake has done something like this and I know that God is pleased with their efforts. We definitely saw a lot of blessings. There were some people who went through and felt the spirit and now missionaries are going to visit them. :)

That was the big event from this week but there were also a lot of other great things! Yesterday we were in the street when Hermana Fry started to contact a woman named Vanesa. She is here in Santa Fe to help her grandma in the hospital. We ended up going into the clinic to meet her grandma. We were able to share our testimonies and a little bit about the Book of Mormon with them. There was a sweet spirit in the room and I felt strongly that Heavenly Father is mindful of all of His children. Afterwards Vanesa said that she felt more relieved and uplifted from the hardship that is going on with her grandma. I am very grateful that we had the opportunity to be God's instruments and help them feel of His love.

I know that God lives and is mindful of everyone of us! I am so grateful to be a missionary!

Love you all!

Hermana Lindsey Woodfield

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