Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Monday, April 14, 2014


Hola friends and family!

Sooooooo, today my companions and I are practicing patience. Haha, we have been waiting about 2 hours to use the computers and now our Pday is unfortunately this is another very short email.

But quick update- yep, you heard right. . . . companionS. :) Haha, Tuesday night one of the assistents to the President called Hermana Eustaquio and I to inform us that the following day we would be receiving another companion. We are now a trio. Her name is Hermana Matias from El Salvador. She is straight from the MTC and arrived two weeks before the next transfer. Entonces, she is with us for two weeks. :) She is great!

I feel really blessed to be meeting so many amazing people from a lot of different countries. I now have friends in Peru, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, Honduras, and, of course, Argentina. :) We are doing really well and learning a lot together.

We had a lot of reunions this week and a lot of traveling so were we not able to visit everyone that we wanted to but our investigators are doing well and this week we are going to visit them a lot more. The following week is transfer week. I have no idea what is going to happen but I have 6 months here in Captian Bermudez...I'll go where the Lord wants me to go!!! I honestly would be completely happy to stay here. I love this area and these people so much. I could finish my mission here. :)

It hit me recently that I have been speaking all Spanish for about 3 months now. When did I really start to understand? It is amazing to me how if we work hard and ask for the gift of tongues the Lord is going to bless us and help us. I still have a lot to improve with my Spanish but a lot of the difficulties that I had when I first arrived have left. I am so grateful for the gift of tongues. :) Castellano is a beautiful language. Hermana Eustaquio (de Peru) and Hermana Matias (de El Salvador) think the Argentina accent is a little funny but I love it and am trying to perfect it. :)

Love you all! have a great week!!!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Lindsey Woodfield

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