Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Monday, January 20, 2014



It seriously was soooo awesome!!!! We arrived at the church about 45 minutes early to set up for the baptism and there was Alejandro. Just sitting outside in his nice shirt and tie waiting and ready to go. And it was his birthday! What an awesome experience!!!! And a recent convert, Lucas, was able to baptize him. Our ward mission leader told us that Lucas was really nervous so Thursday he went over and practiced with him in a pool. Hahaha, it just warms my heart thinking about it. :)

Alejandro's Baptism!!!!

It all went really well! The door to the font was locked and we didn't have a key so we improvised and sang hymns for awhile until the key was found. It was really cool though. We JUST finished the last verse to ``How Great Thou Art`` when the door opened and the baptism went on. I definitely felt the spirit so strongly when Alejandro came up from out of the water. Hermana Van Wagenen, Hermana Hernandez and I all were crying while we were waiting for him to change afterwards. Definitely a special and touching moment for all! I just kept thinking that another precious soul has been brought that much closer to God. Love it! I am so blessed to be here and have witnessed that. I know with all of my heart that the Lord has prepared him and the Holy Ghost has been teaching him and we have just been His instruments here. So blessed. :) Afterwards we all celebrated with torta (cake like thing) and sang happy birthday!

This has been an amazing week. We are blessed to have some new investigators! Get this- we were walking away from a great lesson with Claudio and Nely when randomly we run into a member from a nearby ward. He asks us if we have time to go visit a friend of his. Off we go to a house a few minutes away where they answer the door, let us in, and we have a great lesson. The mom was crying when she was telling us about some of her experiences. She has a great testimony already and says she is going to read the Book of Mormon. It just amazed me. The Lord is in the details! Found a member who had a friend who could meet with us at that exact time. So great! :)

Andrea and Family

I am learning so much here on my mission! There are hard times and hot days but so many blessings!!!!! I have a new found immense gratitude for cold showers now. :) Haha, but seriously, I love my mission and am forever grateful for what the Lord has done for me and is doing for me. I know He loves and knows me personally and loves and knows each of you personally as well! Have a great week! Blessings and miracles are everywhere!

Con amor,

Hermana Lindsey Woodfield

My companions - Hermana Van Wagenen and Hermana Hernandez

Ice Cream with the Young Women of the Capitan Bermudez Ward!!!!

With Hermana Cruz (from Nicaragua), Hermana Hernandez (from Honduras), and Hermana Ospinal (from Peru)

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