Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Monday, December 2, 2013

We ate frogs . . . . . .

``It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas``...hahaha, that song just doesn't feel the same in this crazy Argentine heat! Haha, even though it is not cold or snowing here, there is still a lot of excitement in the air with the holidays for Hermana Van Wagenen and I. :) I don't think I will ever forget my Thanksgiving of 2013. Argentina does not celebrate Dìa de Gracias (and a lot don't even know what it is) but we still wanted to do something extra to bring more cheer into the lives of these good people. SO we bought 20 pesos worth of caromelos (which is 200 CAROMELOS!) and made turkey hands. Then we taped those things to tarjetas (church pass along cards with a picture of Christ) and handed them out! I think a lot of people were confused with our turkey hands but nevertheless, they got a treat and a card! :) We also did our own little Turkey Trot in the morning. Hahaha, definitely an interesting Thanksgiving!

In other news, I ate some frog last Monday. :) Not too bad! But I`m still working my way up to trying the chicken bones that our Columbian family eats.

I had some interesting moments with Spanish this week. We had lunch with the Bishop and his family the other day. I asked the Bishop how many siblings he had. He responded something that I THOUGHT was about having step brothers and sisters. So I responded `` oh, que bueno!`` He got a confused look on his face and asked me if I understood. My companion quickly informed me that he had told me two of his brothers had died! Oh my goodness, I had just told him with a smile and a nod how great it was that his siblings had passed away! Hahaha, thankfully he knows I am still trying to figure out the language.

So we are teaching this wonderful 13 year old girl named Andrea. She has a baptism date for the 14th of December but we are still trying to work with the dad. Her mom is a less active member (but they have come to church twice now!) and is supportive but the dad doesn't think she is old enough for baptism. We don't see the dad very much so it is a challenge trying to figure out a way we can help him. But we know that if Andrea is supposed to get baptized on the 14th that the Lord will provide a way!! :) Something Andrea said really impressed me. She was telling us about how there is someone else that she wants us to teach and help. We asked her why she has this desire. Andrea without hesitation responded "because she is my friend." It was simple and powerful. Isn't that the way it should be? We should be sharing the gospel all over the place because these people are our friends and we know the gospel will help them. Another cool experience with Andrea- we were trying to watch the Restoration video with her and her mom and brother but their player was not working. We decided to say a prayer. Guess what happened next? Yep, a few minutes later the player was working and the spirit was flowing with the movie! :)

Alright, Argentina culture time! I think the area I am serving in is considered average on the Argentine wealthy scale. There are quite a few nice houses but there are also a lot of 2 room houses. Not many people have air conditioning and I have yet to see carpeted floors. It is different but these people are amazing and content with what they have. Definitely a lesson for me in that we really don't need worldly things. They also drink Mate ALL of the time! No matter what time of day it is, we find people drinking this herbal-sugary-hot water- drink. I'd like to try it after my mission. :) Not many people have cars but there are a lot of motorcycles. I have also seen quite a few people going around in a horse driven wagon thing. :) Hermana Van Wagenen and I walk most of the time but part of our area is about one hour and a half away so we usually take the bus at least once in a day.

Weeeeeeeeeeeell, that's all for now folks! I love you all and am so grateful for the support! Have an awesome week! Jesus Christ lives! So grateful for that!

Con amor,

Hermana Woodfield

Just the friendly neighborhood horse :)

We ate frogs

Nicol and her Book of Mormon

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