Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Monday, October 21, 2013


Well well well....time does fly doesn't it?? IN EXACTLY ONE WEEK I WILL BE ON A PLANE TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY. Whaaaaat?!?!?! Crazy stuff. :) I am going to try extra hard to work on Spanish this week to prepare.

This week was so great! Had some amazing experiences! On Friday we were able to be a part of an awesome service project. It was a huge even called Project Connect. They have a bunch of free services (like haircuts, meeting with doctors, meeting with government workers about funds and such, etc.) and they needed volunteers to help show people around. I started out doing that...but soon enough they had run out of Spanish interpreters...soon enough I was an interpreter!!!! Wearing a cool blue interpreter shirt! Holy cow! Huge blessing- the couple I ended up helping were actually some friends I had made working at the flood shelters! This good couple, the Romero’s, have been affected by the floods and I have helped them before. They are the sweetest people! And so patient with my Spanish. :) I felt right at home with them! It was so sad when I had to tell them goodbye. It just amazes me how the Lord works- helped me be an interpreter and be with those good people! :)

Another amazing thing! THE LORD HAS A PLAN AND REASON FOR EVERYTHING. He is in the details! Get this- we met an amazing man named John (or Juan) and his family at the flood shelters. John is fluent in Spanish and English but his wife only speaks Spanish. I don't think we would have met him without the flood happening and if I didn't speak some Spanish. SO, we become good friends but haven't seen him or his family since the shelter was moved out of our area.

This past week we were driving and saw him on the side of the road! We slowed down to say hi and ended up pulling over. We spoke with him, his wife and their friend for about 15 minutes and asked if we could come back and visit sometime. They said yes! We went back yesterday. We weren't sure if they were interested in hearing about the gospel but we wanted to give them a Book of Mormon either way. :) WELL, went in and started talking (and had wonderful Mexican food forced upon us) and soon enough some questions about Mormons and Joseph Smith came up. :) YES. Ended up having a whole lesson in Spanglish on The Restoration of the Gospel!!! Gave them a Spanish Book of Mormon and they said they would read it! My goodness, his wife had already started reading it by the time we left! We are going back this week to teach them some more. I think they are a perfect example of great people searching for the truth and just not knowing where to find it. I love them! But amazing huh?? Without the flooding things wouldn't have happened like they did. So blessed!

Love you all so much! Have a great week! The gospel is true! :D

Love, Hermana Woodfield

With Sister Christensen at the Fall Festival

Snow in October!

My dear little friend Jenny (11 yrs old) and me at the ward's Fall Festival

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