Sister Woodfield

Sister Woodfield

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Okay, another week! Hello! : )

Making a getaway from the MTC!

Hermana Carlson and me!

Hermana Rasband and me with some friends! The one on the left is from FINLAND and the other is from ROME- both going to Greece :)

Smelling temple flowers! :) haha, the face I'm making:)

Weeeeeeeeeell, hello my dear loved ones!!!! Another week has come and gone! And WHAT a week! Every week is soooo amazing! I am finishing up my sixth week at the MTC! Wow, have I really been here that long?!?!?! Haha, how has this happened! I feel like I was just writing my last letter to you! Mission time sure is interesting!

Anyways, I'm sure you are wondering- WHERE in the world is Hermana Woodfield going to at the end of this week?? I have REALLY been wondering that as well. My six weeks at the MTC is up! Well, today I received my answer! Due to the overwhelming amount of names that are being submitted for reassignments (for no-visa reasons), there has been some delay. SO, I have the great opportunity to spend another week at the MTC. My district thought we would be receiving our reassignments today but instead we received papers that said we would receive them next week. I'm not really sure what we will be doing this next week because we thought we would be leaving on Monday or so. At first I was really surprised but I am really happy now! The MTC is an amazing place and I get to spend another week in its wonderfulness. :) Everyone in my district except two people have gotten that fateful paper. There must be more that we need to learn here in the MTC before we head out into the field. I can DEFINITELY use more help with Spanish! Haha, and this is a good lesson in patience and enduring to the end. :) ALSO, something my companion and I were talking about- another reason why this is great: This is teaching us even more that God is in charge. We need to be humble, patient, and submissive to whatever His will is. HE is in charge and over all- not me. I thought I would be leaving the MTC in a few days but that is not Heavenly Father's plan for me. Definitely a great lesson for me in trusting and doing His will. SOOOO from all of this- I am staying at the MTC for another week; I think I will receive my reassignment by next Friday (and when I do I can email you about it!!!!); AND I am really excited and happy to learn more of what God wants me to here at the MTC. :) Life is good. YEAH, life is so good.

Alright, THIS WONDERFUL WEEK. First of all, thanks again for all of the love and support I feel. It seriously means THE WORLD to me. THANK YOU. I am incredibly blessed. :)

This wonderful Pday my district and another one in my zone got to do service at the temple! (OH- staying here another week means I get to go to the temple! It re-opens this week!!!! YES! BLESSING!) We were given the assignment to go help clean. What a wonderful experience!!!! The Hermanas got to clean THE CRYSTALS FROM A TEMPLE CHANDELIER! Way cool! Real, gorgeous crystals in the Temple. They are only taken down and cleaned once a year and we had the amazing opportunity to do that! We spent a lot of time talking to two really sweet ladies. We talked about their families and missions and a lot of stuff. It was so relaxing and re-energizing. Giving service in the TEMPLE- nothing else I would rather do with my morning. :) When our time was coming to a close, they showed us some temple rooms. Gorgeous. I KNOW that the temple is the house of the Lord.

This weekend another district from our zone left BUT on Wednesday another district (all Elders) came! I had the wonderful opportunity to help them with orientation! It is so amazing to meet all of these amazing missionaries who all want to serve the Lord. I saw them in their classroom with a teacher who was ONLY speaking Spanish and their looks of- What is happening?!?! Awhhh, I remember those days fondly. :) Haha, the Spanish definitely comes (with help from above). The Spirit definitely helps and comforts. A mission is QUITE the experience- a wonderful, hard, amazing, and truly blessed experience. I have learned so much. I say that every week because it is so true. My testimony of the Savior and of my dear Father in Heaven has increased soooo much.

Speaking of Spanish...haha, week of only Spanish has been tough. We have made a BUNCH of mistakes. It is hard to keep the English in when your mind is turning so fast. AND when we got the news about another week in the MTC, we all broke the only Spanish thing. SOOOO, it has not been a perfect week of only Spanish and I'm not sure if our teacher will still play her clarinet for us or not... BUT even though our goal has not been perfectly met, I know we have all grown A LOT. My companion and I have been doing SYL (Speak Your Language- Spanish) like crazy this week and we have improved immensely!!!!!! AND LOOK AT THIS! Another blessing with staying in the MTC, we get to SYL even more. :)

Man oh man! The MTC is fun! Hard but sooo fun! We have a lot of laughs! Hermana Rasband and I love to just sing all of the time! We have seen a lot of the same movies so a lot of songs come up. (My dear Maddie- she has seen "The Swan Princess"!!! Yes- her and I love to belt out those songs and I think of you my dear sister!) The other day we brought little Spanish hymn books with us to Gym....definitely spent a loooong time riding the bicycle things and singing! haha, hopefully it pepped everyone else up too. :)

The Spirit is absolutely amazing! There have been so many lessons-SO MANY- where I come out and just think, "what happened?". The Spirit has helped me to know what to say and how to say it (good ol' Spanish). I have also felt extremely comforted and loved during my hard times and good times. I know the Heavely Father loves me and is watching over me. And I KNOW that is the same for each and everyone of you too. :) God lives. He knows you.

Well, love you all! You are wonderful people. :)

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. "Shall we not go on in such great a cause?" -Joseph Smith

Love, Hermana Lindsey Woodfield

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